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Hello, if you found your way here, thanks for looking for ‘me’. My life and business has changed lots since this blog was originally written. I’ve got lots of Books, Barkles and SOCKs!  I’m excited to be developing ‘Secrets In My Socks’ (Socks for Readers, Writers and Dreamers) It’s Effortless Visualization, a system I used years ago, still do, and now is a Brand!

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Susan James is an Encourager of The Creative Life for Business, Pleasure, Personal Gain and Fulfillment. Affecting The Probability of Possibilities. Personal Development w/a Twist, Stirred but Not Shaken.

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Is The Study of The Law of Attraction The New Religion?

The Law of Attraction And The Paradox (Pt 1)

The Law of Attraction And The Paradox (Pt 2)
(The REAL Sequence of Manifesting)
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<><>Books, Candy And Kindle<><>
(Why Printed Books Like Salad Dressing
Are Here to Stay) by Susan James
<>Both The Higher and Lower Reasons<>

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When Only MORE Knowledge Will Do…
Susan James

Among the many published forms of James authored
works are books, print and digital formats, articles/essays,
electronic newsletters, distance learning courses and
consulting. Susan Writes on Expanded Views of Personal
Development, Business and The Livelihood of Writing.
Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 &
Beyond, Manifesting 102 & Beyond, Manifesting
Methods for Would Be Millionaires, Manifest Warp
Speed, 17 Seconds to Weight Loss,
and the novel, The
Millionaire Maverick.
Watch for her upcoming series of
books. MORE Bio Here:

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