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Susan James is an Encourager of The Creative Life for Business, Pleasure, Personal Gain and Fulfillment. Affecting The Probability of Possibilities. Personal Development w/a Twist, Stirred but Not Shaken.

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Susan James
Among the many published forms of James authored works are books, print and digital formats, essays/articles, electronic newsletters, distance learning courses and consulting. Susan writes on expanded views of Personal Development, Business and The Livelihood of Writing. Author of The Award Winning Manifesting 101 & Beyond, Manifesting 102 & Beyond, Manifesting Methods for Would Be Millionaires, Manifest Warp Speed, 17 Seconds to Weight Loss, The Done Deal, and the novel, The Millionaire Maverick with many new titles on the horizon.

One of Susan’s many aspirations has been to fuel her love of reading and writing by developing her own extensions of writing such as The Susan James Bookstore and Secrets In My Socks, Fun Socks for Readers and Writers. James walks her talk in the development of these new and exciting venues.

Most of the Susan James methods incorporate a higher mechanics which she coins both User Friendly Physics© for the Basic levels of understanding and Maverick Momentum© for those ready for the higher altitudes and skill development.

James’ underlying theme in all of her productions and publications revolve around raising our individual illumination, and the effect we have on all of humanity, as well as our individual lives, as we do so.

The application of these mechanics and methods to our lives, lifestyles and businesses continues to be a quest for Susan as she offers it to all who are interested in following their potential path. She does this through her many forms of writing, including books, newsletters, courses, consulting, and speaking engagements.

Susan James is an encourager of the creative life for business, pleasure, personal gain and fulfillment. Personal Development with a Twist, Stirred but Not Shaken.

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Susan James

Susan James Books, a Division of Vast Five features books for personal development, stirred but not shaken, using James’ User Friendly Physics and Susan James Methods of Manifestation. Author of 8 plus books, including The Barkle Series and winner of an Editor’s Choice Award . Susan writes and consults on personal development themes, ‘stirred but not shaken’. Most of Susan’s books are also available in Paperback as well as Kindle and may be found on Amazon and ordered through retail bookstores. Castle’s Advanced Newsletter is available by paid subscription. Reviews on Susan’s writing may be found on her primary websites and blogs, found through http://www.SusanJamesPublishing.com and her primary blog, Higher 5 http://www.vastfive.com/highfive/ Her most recent development is a line of socks for readers, writers and dreamers; http://www.secretsinmysocks.com